We have many indigenous species in the Northeast Texas area. From time to time, you may encounter an animal. It is useful to know as much as possible about our local wildlife in order to ensure the health and safety of both you and the animal.

Here is additional information to acquaint you with the habits of those animals. 


Tips For Wildlife Prevention:
• Seal All Open Gaps and Holes Into the House or Roof
• Install Heavy-Duty Steel Screen on Roof and Gable Vents
• Install Steel Screen Exclusion Barriers Around Raised Homes
• Block Off Openings Leading to Porches or Raised Decks
• Seal the Bottoms of AC Chase/Holes Where AC Lines Enter House
• Don't Leave Pet Food or Bird Seed Outside
• Fix Any Rips or Tears in Your Lanai Pool Screen
• Secure Your Garbage Can Lids, and Don't Leave Food Outside
• Clear Excess Debris From the Yard - Rats and Snakes Love It
• If You Have Fruit Trees, Pick Up Fallen Fruit
• Trim Back Trees and Landscaping Next to the Roof
• If You've Had Animals In Your Attic, Get it Deodorized
• If you have barns or sheds with openings, seal up the openings.
• Eliminate any food or water source that could be attracting wildlife.