Who We Are...

40 Years of Community Service

For over 40 years, The Parker Women's Club (PWC) has been an organization that provides an opportunity for the women of Parker to support their City. The club offers an avenue for community service, charity and friendship.

The Parker Women's Club (PWC) was organized in August, 1973 to support the community and promote social interaction. It is made up of a diverse group of women -- some have lived in Parker for over 35 years while others for just a few months. All share the mutual goal of promoting a sense of ownership for our community that is based on charity, service and friendship.

Over the years, fundraising events have provided the means for the PWC to sponsor such things as an annual donation to the Parker Volunteer Fire Department, scholarship awards to deserving high school seniors residing in Parker, periodic publication of the City of Parker Directory, and construction of a gazebo and installation of permanent picnic tables in the Parker Preserve. Another milestone for the club was achieved in February 2011. That year the club was officially granted 501 (c) 3 status as a charitable organization.

Current 2017-18 Board of Directors

President: Marilyn Kittrell (214) 412-7303
Secretary: Debbie Crutcher (972) 740-1066
Treasurer: Patricia Gannon (214) 458-3303 
VP Membership: Tammy Jones (214) 729-5347
VP Programs: Roxanne Bogdan (972) 998-6780 
VP Fundraising: Stacy Patrick (214) 240-6606 
VP Outreach: Sharon Brucato (972) 632-9385
Parliamentarian: Carol Denio (972) 384-0545