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Animal Control
Animal Control Issues
If you have an animal control issue between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, please call City Hall at (972) 442-6811, and an animal control officer will respond to your needs.

If it is an animal emergency after 4:30 pm or on weekends, call Dispatch at (972) 468-4236. Advise dispatch of the issue so a Parker police officer can respond.

Leash Law in Parker
CONTROL OF AN ANIMAL. The same is on a leash not more than 8 feet in length, is under voice control in the presence of a competent person, is on or within a vehicle being driven or parked, or is within the property limits of its owner or harborer or upon the premises of another person with the consent of that person.

RUNNING AT LARGE. Not completely confined by a building, wall, or fence of sufficient strength of construction to restrain the animal, or not on a leash or held in the hands of the owner or keeper, or not under direct personal supervision of the owner to the extent that the animal does damage public or private property and does attack, charge, or otherwise disrupts the lawful use of private or public property by third parties.

Trapping Wildllife
Trapping of wildlife animals is not allowed when the weather is below 50 degrees, Thursday night through Saturday night or City observed Holidays. 

Animal Trap Regulations

Lost or Found Animals
You may contact City Hall to report lost or found animals.   

In addition to contacting the City of Parker, you should contact Murphy Animal Control, Allen Animal Control, Wylie Animal Control and Collin County as they service our surrounding areas.

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Animals must be on a leash.
City Ordinance - Animal Control

Animal Impound Fees
     1st Impound   $50.00
     2nd Impound  $75.00
     3rd Impound $100.00
     4th Impound and Up $125.00

Daily Handling/Boarding Fee $10.00 per day

*These fees are charged by the City of Murphy directly to the animal's owner.

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