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Park Rules
Preserve and Nature Trails
It is hoped everyone will make use of the park, however, in order for everyone to safely enjoy our Preserve, trails, sidewalk, historical area, open spaces and public gardens, rules and regulations have been established in Ordinance 722. The Parker Police are authorized to enforce this Ordinance and seize and confiscate any unlawful items or contraband. The rules are:

  • No motorized vehicles are allowed, except wheel chairs for the disabled.
  • No firearms are allowed except by peace officers and persons licensed by the state of Texas with a Concealed Handgun License, in accordance with the law.
  • No discharging of firearms, fireworks, BB guns, air guns, bows and arrows, sling shots blow guns, rockets or paint ball guns.
  • No swimming, bathing, wading or polluting the water of any fountain, pond, lake or stream.
  • No remaining, staying or loitering in any park area between the hours of 11 pm and 5 am Inclusive every day of the week.
  • No entering into/onto the wooden structure in the Preserve known as the “Barn” 
  • including its loft, stairs, roof and/or all other structures restricted by signage.
  • No parking or operating any truck-tractor, trailer, semitrailer, pole-trailer in a park facility parking lot at any time.
  • No owner or person in possession of a domestic animal to allow the animal to defecate in the park without immediate removal and disposal of such feces in proper waste receptacle. 
  • No discarding, abandoning, littering, or breaking of any glass container. 
  • No glass containers are allowed in the park.
  • No advertising, soliciting and/or conducting a business in the park in any manner that either creates a disturbance to other park guests, displaces other park guests or involves more than two representatives of the business or which occurs for more than one hour in any three day period.
  • No usage of any gas operated remote controlled airplanes, boats, cars, drones or other motorized, model devices including radio controlled devices such as helicopters, parasail, hang glider or hot air balloons in any manner that either creates a disturbance to other park guests or displaces others in the park. 
  • No using or operating mechanical or amplified music, sound or voice. 

One or more of these rules may be waived for good cause, in advance, by the city upon written request by an applicant. City sponsored events may be exempt from these rules as necessary for the event.

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