Parks & Recreation Commission

Mission Statement:

Through provision of parks and recreation services, we enhance and enrich the quality of life and nurture the health, well-being of our community, our environment and our economy.  We are community driven.  Together, and in partnership with related fields and organizations, public and private entities, we:

  • Serve as stewards of the environment creating environmental awareness, and encouraging ecosystem approaches to planning - protecting, preserving and restoring significant natural areas and corridors.  Maintaining parks, open spaces and recreation facilities.
  • Provide programs, activities and events that meet the needs and desires of Parker growing population and foster lasting impressions for our residents and visitors. 


  • 4:00 pm
  • Third Wednesday of every month as needed.


Agendas are available prior to the meetings. 

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Parks and Recreation members serve two-year terms. The current members are: 

MemberPositionTerm Expires
Cherie Ware
Place One;  VotingNovember 2025
Pier BurgessPlace Two; VotingNovember 2024
Cyndy LanePlace Three; VotingNovember 2025
Frank DaCostaPlace Four; ChairNovember 2024
Donna DaCosta
Place Five;  VotingNovember 2025
Richard PrattAlternate OneNovember 2024
VacantAlternate TwoNovember 2024
VacantAlternate ThreeNovember 2024
VacantAlternate FourNovember 2024